January 17, 2018

Do you have one prayer you’ve repeatedly lifted up over the years? If so, I can relate. Numerous times I’ve begged, “Lord, please teach me how to love!” Those who know me well, know I have a lot to learn about love. I’m grateful that […]

January 10, 2018

A couple years ago, I rambled on for four pages in my journal asking questions about why so many believers feel defeated. Why don’t many of us live up to our God-given potential? Why do we quote Romans 8:37, saying we are “more than conquerors […]

January 03, 2018

I once strolled through the grocery store checkout line and my eyes were drawn to a magazine designed to make every woman in America feel guilty. You know the kind. It’s one with the super model on the cover looking like she was dipped in […]

December 27, 2017

Have you ever just wished you could get past today so you could get onto the blessings of tomorrow? You’ve thought the future will be much better when you have a nicer house, when you have a nicer child, when you have a nicer job. […]

December 20, 2017

In 2010, I read Tramp for the Lord by Corrie ten Boom. In the book, Corrie tells about a single missionary who left her home and possessions to go to China. “Are you not afraid?” a friend asked. “I am only afraid of one thing” […]

December 13, 2017

Maybe you have heard someone say they are trusting God, that if He wants them to do something that He will open a door, but that if He doesn’t want them to do it, that He will close the door. This is how they plan […]

December 06, 2017

Today’s message may not be my most popular or comfortable but my goal is not to bring condemnation, but to share a truth that will usher in liberty. I’d love to hear your comments below. I used to think the consequence of sin was only […]

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