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November 09, 2016

Last summer I read Craig Groeschel’s book The Christian Atheist. For 12 chapters Groeschel examines the symptoms of those who say they believe in God, but act like He doesn’t exist. For example, they believe in Christ but won’t forgive, pursue happiness at any cost, […]

November 01, 2016

Lately I have been thinking about how many of us, present company included, sometimes have “train trouble.” What I’m referring to is a concept a friend of mine explained several years ago. While we talked, he laid three cards in front of me: one had […]

January 12, 2016

Have you ever thought that if you could just have something or someone you desired that you could be more satisfied than you are with God? Have you ever wondered if another love or desire could take His place, that something or someone else could […]

December 11, 2015

I think most of us have memories we look back on that we are not proud of . . . things we did that were less than kind. I have one of those from my elementary school years. When I was six or seven, my […]

November 30, 2015

Yesterday, as my husband and I reflected on our long Thanksgiving weekend with our family, we talked about the moments that blessed us most. We made Christmas cookies and decorated the tree. We sang songs, went out to eat, celebrated our daughter’s birthday, played games, […]

November 20, 2015

There have been times when I have been guilty of trying to put God in a blessing box. I mean, I have decided where and how He will be able to bless me. Maybe you’ve done the same. “Lord, I will be blessed if I […]

November 16, 2015

There are some people who balance the demands of work or a calling with extraordinary grace. They calmly endure crises with joy; they patiently wait for God to act when things go awry, and they confidently navigate numerous daily pressures. Then there are those of […]

November 09, 2015

When I lived in Colorado Springs I had a lovely friend named Judi who had the gift of making others laugh. We spoke to one other in English accents as if we were having tea with the Queen which often caused her husband to wonder […]

November 06, 2015

You can listen to, or read this post. Are longing for something you don’t have and are you desperate? During a time that I was aching for something that I didn’t possess, I wrote a letter to myself. I pray these words will be an […]

October 07, 2015

A handful of years ago, I considered getting something I wanted at the expense of obeying God, because an ache in my heart was pushing me to the edge of obsession. For a few days I believed that fulfilling my desire would relieve my longing […]

September 30, 2015

On Saturday, my husband and I packed our bags and boarded a flight to Denver, Colorado, where we rented a car and drove to Rocky Mountain National Park to hike and explore. Once there, Clark and I found separate spots along the same stream to […]

September 11, 2015

A handful of years ago when I was single, I ran into an old friend at a coffee shop. After our short, but pleasant conversation which included the topics of her kids, husband, and what I have been doing in my career, she walked away […]

September 10, 2015

In our society, doing something big has been exalted as king. You’ve got to dream big, make big money, and run a big organization. Certainly, all those things are grand if that is the territory God has assigned to you. But when it’s not—and even […]

September 06, 2015

When I was single, a friend once called me and expressed how lonely and frustrated she was that God hadn’t delivered the top desire on her list: a husband. Never married and now forty, she was tired of praying and waiting. Most of all, she was […]

August 11, 2015

I originally shared this post on blueprintforlife.com last year just a few days after I got engaged to be married. I was 46 at the time and had been praying for a very long time for a mate. Since I coming up on my one-year […]

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