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March 07, 2017

Have you ever wondered how to live in the “not yet” of an unfulfilled desire but still surrender to God’s will? Is it possible to pray in hope but still be okay with whatever God has in store? I once spoke with a woman who […]

December 11, 2015

I think most of us have memories we look back on that we are not proud of . . . things we did that were less than kind. I have one of those from my elementary school years. When I was six or seven, my […]

September 02, 2015

Have you ever had an idea that set your soul on fire? You were certain it was God calling you out to do something for Him and you were totally stoked. You immediately wrote down your idea, called your best friend, and announced it to […]

July 03, 2015

When God called me to write, I knew if I wanted to be effective for Him, I had to write out of my relationship with Christ. And, what could be better than marrying my passion for words with my passion for Jesus? Sadly, after a […]


"I was renewed in my mind and spirit today."  

"Thank you for being so transparent. It's just what I needed to hear. "

"You have a way of clearly communicating what I could clearly relate to.

"I will definitely recommend your material to others. "