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January 17, 2018

Do you have one prayer you’ve repeatedly lifted up over the years? If so, I can relate. Numerous times I’ve begged, “Lord, please teach me how to love!” Those who know me well, know I have a lot to learn about love. I’m grateful that […]

November 08, 2017

Sometimes we make life with God so incredibly complicated. And when we complicate it, we may be tempted to argue and wrangle about issues that aren’t big issues. We bicker about if we should raise our hands during worship or if we’re going to be […]

April 12, 2017

When I met my husband, we did what a lot of couples do when they are getting acquainted—we shared stories. We shared stories about our families, where we grew up, and about our relationships. Because I was single until I was forty-six, my list of […]

November 11, 2016

Have you noticed that sometimes God will allow us to be exposed to the very thing that frightens us so we will realize that we are not victims, but instead can be victors? This is how it was for me with rejection. Twenty-five years ago […]

June 16, 2016

For most of my adult life I ate standing over the kitchen sink. I slept alone, cuddled up with a heating pad when I was cold, and prayed when I needed someone with a truck. But on September 6th last year, all that changed when I finally […]

January 18, 2016

There was a time in my young life when I believed I could recognize true love because it was always characterized by exhilarating emotions. Therefore, the absence of fuzzy feelings meant I was in the wrong relationship. Deep down I feared the diminishing of the […]

January 04, 2016

Sometimes singles will do just about anything to get close to someone they find interesting, intriguing or just plain irresistible. One single woman I know drives through Starbucks daily to get her dose of caffeine. One morning as she approached the speaker to order, she […]

December 04, 2015

There’s a lot of talk out there that two people must be compatible for a relationship to last. In his book The Meaning of Marriage, Timothy Keller provides a solid perspective about this topic. I hope it enlightens you if you are have already tied […]

November 19, 2015

When I was an el­ementary school teacher, one of my coworkers received red roses. I asked, “Ooo—who sent you the beautiful flowers?” She sighed. “They’re from my ex-husband. He cheated on me, and I divorced him two years ago. Now he feels bad about what […]

August 25, 2015

I can’t believe how the last year has flown by! I have almost been married a year. In honor of my almost-anniversary, I thought I would share this post that I originally shared on Blueprint for Life. I hope you enjoy it if you didn’t […]

June 15, 2015

Someone may say they love their job, their truck, their new hat, or the new song on their iPod. They may tell an acquaintance “Love ya” or fall in love at first sight. There is “love” in tennis when the score is zero, and love […]

March 20, 2015

Imagine that I telephone you and say, “Hey, could you come over? I need you to go to the grocery store for me.” Now imagine that when you get to my house you ask, “Okay, I’m ready to go. What do you need from the […]


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