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July 12, 2017

Have you been holding on to the hope of something for so long that you sometimes wish your dream would die so you could be relieved of longing? If you’re like me, you’ve wrestled with a desire or two for years and there are times […]

May 30, 2017

There are times in everyone’s life when pursuing their calling—whether it’s raising children, running an organization, or attending college—can become tiring. When this happens, some people want to throw in the towel and give up. If this describes how you have felt, here are three […]

January 20, 2016

Without hope, waiting for God can feel like torture, but with confidence in Him, waiting can feel like joyful anticipation! While waiting, don’t run ahead of God. You’ll get less than you wanted and more than you bargained for. Isaiah 30:18 says, “Blessed are all […]

December 24, 2015

Have you ever struggled with fully obeying God? I have. I once felt the Holy Spirit nudge me toward obedience. He was telling me to let go of some potential opportunities because I was giving them too much importance in my life; they were edging […]

November 06, 2015

You can listen to, or read this post. Are longing for something you don’t have and are you desperate? During a time that I was aching for something that I didn’t possess, I wrote a letter to myself. I pray these words will be an […]

October 14, 2015

Because I didn’t walk the aisle of matrimony until I was forty-six, there were times when I wondered why God wasn’t answering my prayer for a mate. I had done everything I possibly could, had attended many weddings (often as the Maid of Honor) and […]

August 11, 2015

I bet there is something you have prayed about and desired for a very long time, maybe even years. You have wanted it for so long you have doubted God will ever answer. Maybe in your quiet—and honest—moments you have felt overlooked by Christ. And, […]

August 04, 2015

When I was 21, I lived in London as a college exchange student. During my stay in England, it exhilarated me to hop on the train, travel to a part of the city I hadn’t seen before and wander around without an agenda. My sweet […]

August 03, 2015

In his book A Grief Observed, CS Lewis describes pain as a megaphone that shouts into our existence to get our attention. “We can ignore even pleasure. But pain insists on being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasure, speaks in our consciences, […]

June 23, 2015

Are you waiting for God to reveal His plans for your life? Waiting for direction can certainly be difficult. However, remember this: without hope, waiting for God can feel like torture, but with confidence in Him, waiting can feel like joyful anticipation! Here’s why. . […]

April 13, 2015

I love it when God hits me over the head with something I need to learn by presenting the same truth to me several times. This happened last week when I saw Ephesians 5:16 in three different places in one day. “Be very careful, then, […]

March 27, 2015

Note: You can also listen to today’s post in audio. My first kiss was a disaster. His name was Kurt and I asked Mom if he could come over to play. The big day arrived and my kindergarten beau and I were having a fantabulous […]

February 26, 2015

I’ve spent a lot of time in-between endings and new beginnings. I have transitioned from the old to the new when I moved from Idaho to England, and from England back to Idaho. Then, I transitioned from Idaho to Germany; Germany to Texas; Texas to […]

November 09, 2014

Life is filled with beginnings, endings, and in-between places. In-between places are when you have let go of the old, and you are deconstructing some aspect of your old life or calling, but you haven’t yet received the new thing God has for you. In-between […]


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