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This is my most popular conference message. Maybe you can identify with one or more of the comments from attendees.

“I had no idea that I made a vow to myself years ago that is keeping me from developing solid friendships.”

“I didn’t realize that the promise I made to myself is the reason I married three men I didn’t love.”

“I now know why I haven’t cried since I was a child and why being emotionally intimate has been so hard for me.”

Maybe like these people you have made an unhealthy vow that is keeping you from experiencing the love you want, the career you want, the spiritual growth you want, or the confidence you need to take a risk. Maybe that’s why you feel stuck, like you can’t make progress in a particular area of life.

When life is disappointing, sometimes we make unhealthy vows and we don’t even realize it. That was my story. Tragically, making unhealthy vows rob us of the life God intends. But, the great news is that you can learn to recognize a vow if you have made one so you will know how to get free to experience the blessings God has for you.


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"I was renewed in my mind and spirit today."  

"Thank you for being so transparent. It's just what I needed to hear. "

"You have a way of clearly communicating what I could clearly relate to.

"I will definitely recommend your material to others. "